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 How to export messages to Outlook Express DBX file format?

Recovery mailboxes and
Export messages to Outlook Express

MailNavigator can be used for recovering the information contained in mail archives. If, as a result of computer crash, Outlook Express or another mail client cannot read its message archives, you can open them in MailNavigator and export them back.

Recovery DBX, MBX, PST files You can recover MBX, PST or OE DBX file and read the messages in it, and you can also do a search of the messages in the mailboxes.

The processing language of the filters includes the standard operators: OR, AND, NOT, NEAR, their synonyms, and parentheses for defining the order of operators. Filters can be used on the message content and on some fields of the message header.

Transfer of messages from MailNavigator to Outlook Express includes two stages:

MailNavigator :: Message | Save as... In the first stage, select the messages from the Messages Navigator, and use the menu command:

Message | Save as...

Save as type: Eudora mailbox

In the opened dialogue box, indicate the file and export path, and choose the file type:
Eudora mailbox.

Once the mailbox in Eudora format is created, open the program Outlook Express and use the menu command:

File | Import | Messages…

Outlook Express :: File | Import | Messages...

In the opened dialogue box, as the program from which the message is imported, select: Eudora Pro or Light:

Outlook Express Import :: Select Eudora Pro or Light

In the next dialogue box indicate the directory in which you put the messages from MailNavigator at the export stage:

Outlook Express Import :: Location of Messages

Further, if Outlook Express finds mailboxes in this directory, it will suggest you select one of them for import:

Outlook Express Import :: Select Folders

All that remains to do is to press the Finish button, and a folder containing the imported messages is created in Outlook Express.

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