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 Outlook Express Backup and Repair Tools

DBX Backup - a super-effective tool for regular backup and recovery of emails in Outlook Express folders

Even experienced users are not insured against program failures, viruses and computer crashes. It's better to be prepared in advance for the time that your favorite mail client can't read its own mail boxes.

Backup Outlook Express DBX files To avoid problems in the future, rely on DBX Backup for regular backup of your important and essential mail.

But if the worst has already happened - your computer has crashed and you've reinstalled Windows, but Outlook Express can't read its own mail - DBX Backup will find the Outlook Express mailbox folders and allow you to restore them.

  DBX Backup

  • Built-in dbx file search wizard. This is essential when the system registry has been destroyed and you can't locate the dbx files corresponding to different Outlook Express user identities.

  • Possibility of operating in batch mode. Select files for regular backup just once, then start the program from the command line or batch file.

  • Support of several popular mailbox formats for message export, including Unix mailbox.

  • Preservation of the original format of saved messages and all attachments.

  • Support of large size dbx files.

  • Possible recovery of information in seriously damaged dbx files in cases when other recovery programs can't help you.

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