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 Outlook Express Repair FAQ

Outlook Express Recovery Tool

With MailNavigator, you can search efficiently through e-mail boxes and recover information from mail archives of Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail (Vista), MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, The Bat, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Forte Agent, Pegasus Mail, The Bat, Eserv, and Fidonet. The program currently supports the following formats - DBX, PST, MBX, SNM, MSB, TBB, MBS, EML and other..

   How to find and recover Outlook Express mailboxes?

MailNavigator automatically finds the dbx files of the installed and adjusted Outlook Express program. Just mark them with the bookmark "Information Retrieval" and they become searchable.

Outlook Express MailboxesOutlook Express Mailboxes

If MailNavigator cannot automatically determine the location of dbx files (for example if these files are on a CD), you can do it independently.

If MailNavigator is the default program for Outlook Express DBX files, searching and loading dbx files into MailNavigator is much easier. Select the required dbx file resulting from the search on your PC and load it into MailNavigator by double clicking on it.

   How can I get my emails back into Outlook Express?

Follow the instructions below for restoring a destroyed dbx message folder:

  1. Export to Separate Messages Files Select the restored messages and export them to separate eml message files using the menu command: Message | Export to Separate Messages Files... In the opened dialogue box, enter the export path and filename prefix, but the main thing is to give the files the extension: eml.

  2. Create a backup copy of the dbx file corresponding to the destroyed folder.

  3. Clear the folder by deleting the dbx file corresponding to the folder.

  4. Start Outlook Express and let the program OE create a new dbx file corresponding to the deleted folder (click the folder name in OE).

  5. Select all restored eml files in Windows Explorer or other file manager.

  6. Drag the selected eml files, and Drop them into the target folder in Outlook Express.

   Outlook Express won't start anymore.
   How can I repair Outlook Express and
   recover all my message folders?

  1. First you have to find all the dbx files and create a backup copy of these files.

  2. When the old dbx files have been saved in a reliable place, the next step is to reinstall Outlook Express.

  3. If the re-installed Outlook Express launches normally, check to see if you can read your old folders and the messages in them.

  4. If the folders are visible but there are no messages in them, or if you see that the list of messages in a folder is incomplete, then you'll have to restore the messages from each one of the old dbx files, and import them back into OE.

Outlook Express DBX Repair FAQ

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